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Send Valentine’s Day Gifts To Mumbai

Valentine's Day is the celebration day when every lover from all over the world makes special gifts, celebrating the love that binds them. This memorable celebration has not always been important. It just has been outlined with the passage of time.

The first box of chocolates decorated for Valentine's Day appeared in the late 1800s and the one who came up with this idea was Richard Cadbury, the son of John Cadbury, the famous chocolate maker.

At the same time, Valentine's Day is the time that hundreds of thousands of people choose each year to ask for the loved one in marriage.

The origin of Valentine’s Day

The story of Valentine’s Day is kind of dramatic. Once upon a time, around 3rd Century there was a bad ruler of Rome named Claudius II and a Christian martyr named Saint Valentine. The theory of Valentine’s Day being the day dedicated to love has got a lot to do with history. There are a lot of history pages to support this day. One story like this says that Claudius was against Christianity while Valentine was for it and Claudius imprisoned him and there he fell in love with the blind girl of the jailor. Before his death, he sent a letter to this girl and signed it as “from your Valentine” .That’s why how today lovers address each other as Valentines. The day next to his death on 14th February Julia, the girl of the jailor planted an almond tree near his grave that remained a sign of love and friendship. And people across the world celebrate love and affection.

There is another myth. It is said that that Claudius was against marriage of young men. He was believing that better soldiers were unmarried men. Valentine, the hero, became the undying symbol of love because he helped these young men to flee and marry.

Century Valentine was not associated with love and romance until 14th. Chaucer is the one who started this association through his poetry in Parliament of Fowls. One famous line is: ”For this was on St. Valentine’s Day when every bird cometh there to choose his mate.” Valentine’s feast day has been illustriously celebrated as a lovers’ holiday and a day of romance since the 14th century. The celebration of Saint Valentine was established by Pope Gelasius I in the year 496.

Online Valentine's Day Gift Combo Delivery From Mumbai Florist

Valentine’s Day means that all lovers around the world come together. They come together to celebrate the essence of love and romance with beautiful and precious gifts for each other which surely impress everyone. We are the number one choice of all customers worldwide so we present some of the great gifting ideas to woo the heart of your lovers. For your sweet and cute girlfriend, you can get the Pink Rose Arrangement, a beautiful arrangement of 30 pink roses in basket. Apart from that the usual flower bouquets, chocolate boxes, and teddy bears are also there ready for you to be delivered.

If your boyfriend is a chocoholic, impress him with Cadbury Temptations, the perfect gift for him on Valentine’s Day. Send Anniversary Gifts on Valentine’s Day to celebrate love.

Valentine’s Day has more meaning to married couples because they have grew up so much in their love by tying the knot of eternity with each other. You may surprise your hubby with a personalized Photo Cake with his photo on it.

The reason why teddy bears are common as a gift, is because they resemble warm hugs. Therefore, if you want to make your loved one feel special, gift her or him a teddy bear.

If you have no time for walking through Mumbai to buy Valentine Gifts for Him or Valentine Gifts for Her, just log in to our website and order online a beautiful gift that will be very soon delivered in the same day or at mid night. You can send Valentine’s Day chocolate, cake, flowers, gift with the help of our express delivery options. Send Anniversary Gifts on Valentine’s Day to celebrate the love between you two.

Send Best Valentine Gifts From Mumbai Florist

Flowers are the best carriers of love and therefore if you are still to express your love to the right person, do not hesitate too much. We should spread love everywhere and this will take you to special destinations. Take a look on our website and send Valentine flowers online to the soul with whom you want to spend the rest of your life.

Order online Valentine Flowers. Roses symbolize love and passion. A red rose is a traditional Valentine's Day gift which is given by one of the partners to the other. The red color is associated with the color of the human heart, therefore red roses are exchanged on this special day. You can choose from a large variety: Special Rose Basket, 18 Red and Yellow Roses, 10 Rose Bunch, Pink Rose Arrangement, Red Rose Basket, Four Feet Roses, 70 Mixed Roses, 100 Rose Arrangement, 3 Feet Rose Arrangement, Heart of Roses, Mixed Red and White Flowers, Rose Basket, Hearts for Hearts (Three heart shape arrangements for three lovely days). Send Anniversary Flowers on Valentine’s Day. They can be delivered in the same day or at mid night wherever you need in Mumbai.

14th of February is known as one of the most romantic and passionate day of everybody who is in love. It would not be complete without perfect flowers for Valentine’s Day. Our Valentine flowers are a good way to make the bond of love stronger and healthier. Celebrate this connection between the two of you with some of the finest flowers which have been nicely tastefully arranged by our expert florist and delivered at the destination in Mumbai. In our unique collection of flowers for Valentine’s Day there are roses, the symbol of romance. Roses are considered to be one of the most passionate flowers and are considered to be an ideal way to express your love and romance to your sweetheart. To make sure that you get the best of the lot, we work with some of the top flower growers to get fresh Valentine Day roses and flowers directly from our floral farms and deliver it to the place you want in Mumbai.

Valentine’s Day is the most important day for the one that is fell in love with his precious. You must have planned something great for this day but you just cannot forget the Valentine flowers. The colorful flowers count the most marketed product in Valentine season. Red is the best color of love, passion, and attraction. A red rose bouquet would be the most amazing gift of love for your lover or boyfriend. Starting the day of your spouse with a beautiful Valentine day flowers bouquet along with some chocolates would be one of the romantic gesture to celebrate the day of love. Send Anniversary Flowers on Valentine’s Day.

At you we are waiting for you with great collection of bright and beautiful flowers for Valentine’s Day. The beauty and freshness of rose, gerberas, carnations, lily will revive you and brighten the day of your true love.

Send Valentine’s Day Flowers To Mumbai

Valentine Cakes. Generally, girls are crazy about sweets and cakes. Especially chocolate cakes. If your girlfriend or your wife is crazy about cakes, send online Valentine Cakes to her to celebrate this wonderful and special day of love. The cakes we have in our collection will fascinate her for sure. Red velvet, butterscotch, black forest, pineapple, chocolate truffle, are just a few. Select the best one for the best person of your life.

Enjoy Valentine’s Day with your beloved one with special cakes. If you are away from your wife, or girlfriend, or fiancée, or husband, or boyfriend, get the Valentine cake delivery to him or her using our services. Your celebration of love will be a memorable one because we are here to help you choose the most special cakes in the world: red velvet cake, chocolate cake, chocolate truffle cake, vanilla chocolate cake. Our various offer on Valentine’s Day includes gifts such as chocolates, sweets, truffles, teddy bears. A party without decorations is fade that’s why decorations are a necessity. The beauty of the floral arrangements will revive the guests, meanwhile the cakes for Valentine’s Day will impress them with their tastes. All those can be ordered from and they can be delivered anytime and anywhere in Mumbai in the same day or even at mid night.

Online Delivery To Send Valentine Day Cakes From Mumbai Florist

Mumbai Florist has a gifts collection such as cakes, flowers, personalized gift items and chocolates which are well suited for the occasion. If you want to conquer your girlfriend’s heart, choose cakes for Valentine’s Day. It is the latest in our collection. Anyone could buy the gifts that we have in our shop because they have good prices.

If it happens you have a time constraint, our custom delivery options adds convenience for our shoppers as they can place their order at midnight or they can even go for fixed time deliveries, too. So, order the Valentine Gifts for Her and make her day.

Valentine Chocolates. If you want to spoil the person you love, offer her or him a box full of irresistible chocolates. Chocolates are smooth, with flavor, creamy, sophisticated. Just like women. That’s why gifting chocolate on Valentine’s Day, would impress a lot your sweet partner. Chocolate it is known as an aphrodisiac or drug of love, that’s why they are offered as a Valentine’s Day gift. Chocolate comes from “Theobroma cacao” tree, which in Greek means “food for the Gods”. When people see this message, they realize that if it’s good enough for the Gods, for sure it is good for my boyfriend or girlfriend. Chocolate has an interesting psychological and emotional effect on people. It could express apology, delight and happiness, initiate desire, reflect love and uplift morale. Chocolate has a positive health effect and an amazing and suave taste. And this is another reason why we should give it on this Valentine to the person you love the most. You can choose from Ultimate Choco Cake, Chocolate Truffle Cake, Pure Chocolate Cake, Heart Shaped Choco Cake. Send Valentine Cakes and we can assure Same Day delivery or even Mid Night delivery, anywhere in Mumbai.

Our chocolate specialists have so many ideas of design and patterns. Our gourmet of chocolates will make you salivate: Ferrero Rocher, Cadbury Celebration Chocolate Gift Pack and other amazing Chocolate Baskets & Bunches in Mumbai. Browse our site, order online delicious chocolates and send to your special person in your live. You can choose from same day or mid night delivery options in Mumbai. Do not hesitate. Send Anniversary Gifts on Valentine’s Day to celebrate the love both of you have one for each other.

When two people share something they love, the joy is greater. We were thinking about you and prepared the perfect gifts: amazing combos and hampers that have chocolates and flowers altogether. Their beauty and freshness make them the most precious gift for your dear one. Or you can also choose valentine teddy bear. Bright arrangements have been made using special Valentine’s Day flowers to given to your sweetheart. All our flowers are fresh. They are beautifully designed by our florist to make sure that a real masterpiece gets delivered at your doorstep. Celebrate the Valentine's Day in full swing with Mumbai Florist.

Online Valentine's Day Chocolates Delivery From Mumbai Florist

Mumbai Florist flexible delivery option allows you to send gifts anytime which makes it both easier and convenient for many. You can send Valentine gifts the same day, next day, at mid night and even fixed time delivery too.

Would you like to surprise your wife with something sweet? Delight her day with a box of valentine chocolates. If you’ve been planning to ask her to marry you and you are looking for ideas, our chocolate bouquets and flowers will help you to make her day memorable. If you want to make your occasion even more special, we suggest you choose a perfect assortment of international chocolates too that is going to leave a remembering taste on your taste buds. You can send Valentine’s Day chocolate with the help of our express delivery options.

Gift hampers are a mix of a selection of the best chocolate gifts that are hard to find anywhere else. You can choose them if you are looking for something big and glamorous to express your eternal love. We have good prices for these hampers. They’ll be delivered to the person you cherish the most whenever and wherever you want in Mumbai.

The greatest and finest taste of the chocolates will for sure be appreciated by your precious love and will double your love too. We can wrap the gift in nice gift wrappers and offer this to the one you are falling in love every day. Our Valentine Day chocolate gift can be delivered in Mumbai every place you want.

Send Valentine Gifts For Girlfriend To Mumbai

Valentine’s Day is the best day to celebrate love with your girlfriend, maybe future wife. Surprise your dear with a series of Valentine’s special gift. We are sure you want to impress your girlfriend with this occasion. You are looking for something unique, amazing, special, just like your sweetheart. We have the right gift for girlfriend and you can order it online. You will find delicious, creamy, flavored cakes, fresh and gorgeous flowers and different types of chocolates. We have a gift suggestion for you and that would be a large heart shaped red rose bouquet and, of course, her favorite chocolate, Cadbury. Brighten up her day with this special and sweet Valentine gift. She will cherish the moment.

Because every day is busy with its event and situations, we often forget to show our regards for our boyfriend/ girlfriend/ wife/husband and this Valentine’s Day gives us that best chance to surprise our loved and unique ones and appreciate their love for us. Show your deep and real love for her surprising her with an unique Valentine gift for her. She will be so much impressed! We are here online and have special delivery in the same day, at mid night and wherever you need in Mumbai. Impress her, make her feel special. Send Anniversary Gifts on Valentine’s Day and rejoice this day.

Mumbai Florist is celebrating the day of love with you and your sweet lady and has got the best gift for your girlfriend. Teddy bears are also special gifts on this occasion and we arranged them in a nice and lovely bouquet. This could be an emotional moment for you lovely wife or girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. This could be a lovely Valentine’s Day gift for girlfriend. She will for sure cherish you and your pure love for her. We suggest you to spend some time along with her because in ordinary days you hardly have much time to spend it with her. With a red velvet cake in hand, you can spend the whole day in a beautiful, peaceful and warm ambiance. We selected the perfect ideas for Valentine’s Day for her. Fresh floral arrangements or great bunch of red or white roses are a good choice for you.

We know women love chocolate so flowers always go hand in hand with chocolate. Choose from Cadbury, Toblerone, Ferrero Rocher and sweeten your girlfriend’s day. We are the best solution for all your gift requirements. For an amazing collection of Valentine gift for your girlfriend, you have come at the right place. Mumbai Florist cares about everybody’s style, taste, personality and that’s the reason we have such a great number of Valentine gifts for her. We want them to be suitable for everybody. We want to brighten up your day, we want to cherish each celebration with you and help you surprise your lovely one. Order from us Valentine gifts for her and they will be soon delivered in Mumbai, the perfect place for the perfect gifts to buy. We will help you to bring a smile on her face and will celebrate this anniversary day with you. The celebration of love will be complete if you will send anniversary gifts on Valentine’s Day to your eternal love.

Our Valentine gifts will always impress your girlfriend. The gifts that we have for this special day of love, are complex, traditional and perfect. They are perfect for your darling. You can choose on our website, select and send Valentine gifts for her. Send them online and they will be delivered to you in good conditions. Tasty chocolates, creamy cakes and beautiful flowers will go hand in hand with your declaration of love for her. You’ll see tears in her eyes, and she will see in you the right person she could ever have in her life. Send Valentine gifts for her online and celebrate your romance like never before: Valentine Roses, Valentine Cakes, Heart Shaped Gifts and many more.

Send Valentine Gifts For Boyfriend To Mumbai

If you were thinking about someone lately and have been admiring, but don’t know how to express your extreme adoration to him, Mumbai Florist will help you. Our gifts are chosen by experts to make sure that they suit the taste of every man that you have known. So you are free to choose Valentine gifts idea for him from our online portal.

Cherish the most special love story with perfect Valentine Gifts from our online portal. Look back and remember your love beginnings with a perfect gift from our store. You can send special Valentine gifts for him online and celebrate your love. Valentine Cakes, Heart Shaped Gifts are just a few from our large variety of Valentine Gifts.

On the 14th of February, people that are in love usually exchange sweets, gifts or flowers with their special loved ones. Heart means life. We celebrate life every day and with a heart shaped box of chocolate gifted you can celebrate life with your beloved one, sharing and tasting something sweet that can’t be forgotten. Apparently men tend to hate shows of affection and romantic displays but the truth is that most men are hopeless romantics. They loved to be adored and spoiled with gifts as it makes them feel secure and well-loved.

Choosing gifts for men is not that easy as it is for women. But, if your boyfriend or your husband loves chocolate, then we will help you with some sweet valentine gift ideas for him. You can buy a selection of international chocolates that will beloved by him. It can be the best gifts for boyfriend for Valentine’s Day to conquer his heart one again. You can order from a selection of Ferrero Rocher, Cadbury, Toblerone and other international branded. Valentine gifts for boyfriend such as cakes, chocolates, teddy bears will help you make your dear one feel special, unique and loved. They can be ordered online from and will be delivered as soon as possible in Mumbai, in the same day or if you want, at mid night.

Men are always hopeless romantics although they pretend to hate romantic displays. On the 14th of February, every guy expects his wife or girlfriend to have Valentine special gifts for him. Mumbai Florist is offering same day delivery and even mid night delivery anywhere and anytime in Mumbai. Take a look on for gift ideas for him and you’ll be surprised how many items you’ll find here.

Send Valentine Gifts For Husband To Mumbai

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love for youth and for aged too. Ladies too buy best Valentine gift for husbands. These gifts are available online and waiting for you to order them. Valentine`s Day is a festival of love and romance. It is celebrated on the 14th of February. On this day people celebrate love and remember all the romantic moments spent together. Not only the young ones, but also the aged married people and couples. They send each other gifts such as flowers, heart shaped chocolate boxes, cards and spend together a memorable day when they declare their love one to each other. Something sweet and something fresh are the best gifts that can touch the heart of your beloved one, in a romantic ambiance.

We presented you the great variety of gifts for him that we have: cakes, chocolates, candies etc but we didn’t mention about the quality of the Valentine’s Day gifts for husband. We wanted to make sure that they are of good quality and this is what our specialist did. They make sure our clients are satisfied with everything they buy from us. Our delivery services are very prompt so that you can send Valentine’s Day gifts for husband anytime without any worry.

Who said you cannot offer flowers to your hubby? Choose from our multitude of flowers arrangements. A heart shaped arrangement of red roses could be the best Valentine gift for your husband. They symbolize romance, passion and eternal love. He will love it and he will love you more. Men love to be surprised. Order your Valentine gifts online and have it delivered to Mumbai in the same day or even at mid night.

Send Valentine Gifts For Wife To Mumbai

Men who have ever been in love know that impressing your beautiful lady has always been the hardest thing to do. They are sensitive and emotional. They deserve something that represents their personality, their character. And you know her better than anyone else. Choose the perfect Valentine gift for her and make her cry with joy. Our gifts are very good chosen by experts to make sure that they will impress as much as possible your sweetheart.

We are sure that your love story is unique and special and to celebrate such great love, you need both unique and memorable love story. Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion for every husband to remind her that she is the most important person in his life. And at Mumbai Florist, you can find a whole range of Valentine Day gifts for wife. Choose from an array of exclusive Romantic Valentine Gifts for Her and from chocolates and flowers to several other exclusive gift combos and hampers, we have them all. We also offer delivery services in Mumbai. We also have the widest range of international branded chocolates starting from Ferrero Rocher to Cadbury’s amongst others. Add to your gift a bouquet of fresh flowers or other floral arrangements and you’ll make your wife feel special on this day. We have different assortment of nicely ingenious crafted gifts which are sure to make her feel very special on the day of the occasion.

You will be amazed because you have so many items gifts to choose from in our Valentine day gifts for her category. Order them online and send your gifts right on time for the occasion. Get ready to hear her heartbeats by spending this special day together in a warm and romantic ambiance.

Valentine’s Day is that day of the year when you forget all about the past bad days and fights and just want to rejoice the day of love. For your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/hubby, you must have planned something as a surprise and we are here to help you. If roses are your darling’s favorite flowers, make her feel beautiful and precious, and send her a huge bouquet of red roses. It would be a lovely Valentine gift for her. Your special person you love wants your time the most and that would be the best Valentine gift for wife. Time is priceless, is precious and spending it with her, is the best choice you can make on this celebration day. Probably you would like to impress her and decorate the room with flowers, her favorites. And maybe you would like to surprise her with a delicious chocolate cake. We are sure you’ll make her day!

In the 14th of February, love is everywhere in the air. Login to our website and choose from flower bouquets, designer cakes, sweets, bouquet of teddy bears etc. gives you the possibility to order online the best and unique Valentine gifts for your wife. From lovely roses, to pretty teddy bears. They’ll be delivered everywhere in Mumbai.

So, spend a great time shopping on Mumbai Florist for some good Valentine’s Day gifts for wife, gifts that will remind her later on of your commitment.

Send Heart Shaped Valentine’s Day Gifts To Mumbai

Valentine's Day will soon come up, so that means it's time to start thinking about shopping for that special man or woman in your life. Mumbai Florist offers a selective fresh flowers and sophisticated arrangements, all kind of heart shaped chocolates and delicious cakes. The desire of every person in love is to make happy his or her partner. He or she will try to remember this day by doing different acts of love: making love declarations, gifting each other something memorable and surprising him or her with renewing vows of love. This picture could be wonderful with something palpable like a rose bouquet, heart shaped chocolate or heart shaped cakes. Remember: something sweet and something fresh. You can access these heart shaped gifts like heart shaped rose bouquet, heart shaped chocolate, heart shaped soft toys and heart shaped cakes and more at Mumbai Florist. Our perfect online delivery will deliver items on time and in perfect condition anywhere in Mumbai. Do not hesitate and send anniversary gifts on Valentine’s Day for the love of your life, a love that lasts forever.